Your taxi, your planet

Every ride with Greentaxi is carbon negative – creating a better earth one trip at a time

Sustainable taxi travel? Yes

People need and want to travel, but we want to do it the right way, without harming the planet, and ideally actually making things better.

  • Road transport is the world’s biggest source of CO2 emissions
  • 40% of taxi miles are driving empty

We make every Greentaxi ride carbon negative by filling taxis that are empty on their outward/return journey and by donating up to 50% of our profits to UK tree planting.

A green taxi
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What is carbon negative?

Carbon negative is one better than carbon neutral and zero emissions. It’s when a company removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it generates. Greentaxi is leading the way.

Driving Car

Every taxi can be a Greentaxi

Accepting a booking through our website is what turns an ordinary taxi green, thanks to our tree-planting promise. It lasts for that ride and every other journey booked through Greentaxi.

We work with local taxi providers, supporting independent firms owned by drivers and local operators, building your local economy.  

Your ride your choice. Join the Greentaxi revolution today.

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